Pre-expansion slowdown

Like most other guilds, Mortal Wombat is in a bit of a holding pattern at the moment – just waiting for the expansion to arrive. Many guildies are not playing much, or are playing alts. There is a fair bit of raid burnout and of the three raid teams only one is running at the moment – and that team just had a month long break.

Our raid teams have been named based on the dragonflights in the game lore, and my raid is the Bronze team (mostly chosen because we could all get the Bronze drake easily). We’re up to 7/12 hardmodes in ICC 10 but aren’t feeling terribly motivated to push through and get more down. People are mostly looking for appropriate armor types (like some more leather gear for our moonkin after patch 4.01) or a trinket they are missing (Putricide still refuses to drop my tanking trinket!). Other than that we’re just getting together to hang out since the team has been together in the current roster for nearly 12 months.

There is some interest in the elemental invasion, but there’s not enough content there to keep anyone busy for long at the moment.

A little while ago a plan for the Cataclysm was presented to everyone (here’s the details) and was received really well. This built enough enthusiasm that some old world raids started running and a few Ulduar raids have happened too. Interestingly the only issue after the guild meeting was that we couldn’t start all the achievement gathering for the guild immediately…

I’ve put together a to-do list to keep myself entertained until the expansion:

  1. Sell off all the stuff I’ve been hoarding, it’s no good to me once the expansion hits.
  2. Get the Unidentifiable Organ from Putricide
  3. Work on a communication plan for raiding in Cataclysm. Will the raids be at the same times? Will rosters remain the same? I’m assuming that there will be a bit of change here. When will be the best time to announce this? Maybe a few weeks after the expansion.
  4. I’ve written an addon to help Avileigh. This is my wife’s moonkin. She always does good dps, but an addon to help when there’s new talents and spells never hurts. Then again, my taunt button is getting worn out from the starfall/hurricane combination…
    I’ll put a post in about this addon sometime soon .
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