Recruiting a PvP arm of the guild

Like a few guilds are doing, Mortal Wombat has started regular PvP events. This started with the aim of having regular battleground teams for Cataclysm and appears to be going well. Recruiting a number of new players will change the guild and I’m curious to see how it turns out.

At the moment this is a couple of regular time slots where the PvP team goes to some battlegrounds. They have had a lot of fun, and won lots more battlegrounds than the average rate for the Alliance on our server (the average rate is pretty poor though).

Are other people doing the same thing?

Mortal Wombat is positioned to handle the change pretty well since we already have three raid teams. That causes subgroups to exist within the guild, so adding another group is not as big a change as for guilds who are based around a single 25 man team. Given that many of the regular PvP players are also some of the raiders there is currently no division between the two main camps of players either. Let’s see what happens in 3 months when there are scheduled time slots for both types of guild events!

Whenever there is a rush of recruitment into a guild there will be personality conflicts. Mortal Wombat (MW from this point on) has a strict policy of not tolerating abuse of other players, whether they are in the guild or not. This has resulted in guild kicks in rounds of recruiting for raids, and has happened again with the PvP invites. What I find interesting is how infrequently this kind of action is required.

For some reason I usually expect that there will be several dramas with every round of recruitment and I’m consistently surprised by the lack of drama. Out of groups of recruits maybe 5 out of 10 will end up staying for over 12 months and the rest leave for a variety of personal reasons (playstyle, friends elsewhere, raid times don’t suit, all the usual stuff). It might be 1 in 30 who ends up being kicked because of offensive behavior.

Maybe I’m just getting jaded, seeing all the things that happen in battlegrounds and dungeon finder instances and expecting more players to be like that. Then again, there is a certain anonymity when you are with people from different servers – the worst they can really do is ignore you so they never group with you again. The chances of there being real consequences because of any kind of cross-realm misbehavior are pretty low. It’s entirely different if you get a reputation for causing trouble on your own server – I’ve seen people get rejected from raids because of things they have done, or the way they behave in trade chat.

MW sets up some behavior expectations on the website, and points recruits there as part of the application process. I like to think that setting expectations like this helps with integration of new players into the guild. Maybe it does, or maybe the guild has just been getting lucky in recruitment 🙂

How have officers of other guilds been going? Is there a recruitment rush in preparation for the expansion, and have those players integrated well? Are you actively recruiting on forums and in trade? I know I’ve seen several guilds doing that, although MW doesn’t.
Are there other people who have started up PvP teams when they have previously been PvE focused guilds?
I’m interested in how other guilds are handling these changes.

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