Reputation rewards in Cataclysm for druid tanks

I’ve been letting this post sit in draft form for a while now, and a few other bloggers have posted before me. I’ll still list the items, but it’s worth going over to The Fluid Druid to check out the discussion of faction gear for feral cat druids. Much of that discussion applies to bears as well as cats.

Here’s the list of reputation items that are particularly relevant to druid tanks:

Earthen Ring (Vashj’ir):

Wildhammer clan (Twilight Highlands – Alliance):

Questing in Twilight Highlands will get you pretty close to honored reputation woth the Wildhammer Clan, so the leggings will be worth picking up then. They are not as good as the Justice Point reward legs though.

Guardians of Hyjal (Mount Hyjal)

The chest-piece is good, but much better options are available. Have a look at my feral tank gear list for better options at 85.

Ramkahen (Uldum)

Therazane (Deepholm)

Baradin’s Wardens (Tol Barad – Alliance)

The key items required from reputation are:

  1. Arcanum of the Earthen Ring for your head enchant
  2. Acorn of the Daughter Tree a neckpiece
  3. Wrap of the Great Turtle as a best in slot tanking cloak
  4. Stormbolt Gloves as best in slot gloves, before raids
  5. Baradin Footman’s TagsMirror of Broken Images or Unsolvable Riddle are good trinkets
  6. Spear of Trailing Shadows is an excellent weapon

Guardians of Hyjal reputation will be the top priority for a feral tank – there are two top level items from them, and the Sly Fox Jerkin is a good placeholder piece until something better is found.

Both the Earthen Ring and Wildhammer Clan have important upgrades – the head enchant and a ring, compared to good gloves. I think it will be worth going for the Earthen Ring first, and using something like Bloodied Leather Gloves or a quest reward until you have time to grind for Wildhammer Clan reputation.

Therazane reputation comes next in the list. Of course the shoulder enchants are important, and there is a nice ring, but the Heavy Savage Armor Kit can tide you over while you work on grinding other reputations that give gear rather than enchants.

The Justice Point gear for legs and waist is better than any reputation pieces, so for a bear the Ramkahen reputation is not a priority. The Justice Point rewards are Leggings of the Burrowing Mole (2200 Justice Points) and Sash of Musing, (1650 Justice Points). There is also the crafted Belt of Nefarious Whispers as an option.

The trinkets and weapons from Baradin’s Wardens are great, so starting the quests here as soon as possible is a good idea.

Based on that logic, here’s the final list of reputations in priority order:

  1. Guardians of Hyjal (to exalted)
  2. Baradin’s Wardens (daily quests)
  3. Earthen Ring (to revered, you can go to exalted if you really want the ring)
  4. Wildhammer Clan (to exalted) and Therazane (to exalted) are about equal
  5. Ramkahen

Much of the gear is the same for bears and cats in this expansion so far, but the priorities for faction reputations are pretty different.

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