The race to realm first level 25 guild

I’ve been away from the blog for a while with the Christmas break and a little illness distracting me. My guild, Mortal Wombat, has been going strong with pvp teams and many, many people leveling and running instances. We’re just starting to get up to raiding content now.

A post appeared on the forums the other day from one of my officers, saying that he thought we could get the realm first level 25 guild. My instant reaction was “really?”, and then I went and checked:

  • the guild has been xp capped every day
  • we were affected by the loss of a guild level with the xp adjustment that happened just after launch
  • people have done guild achievement runs on any day it looked like we might not be capped
  • the xp cap has been hit very early in the day ever since that forum post went up

So it definitely looks like Mortal Wombat is in the running. The guild’s mix of casual altoholics, raiders and PvP teams works well for us here.

I expect that whoever wins the realm first will be the first guild to get xp capped on the last day. There will probably be about 10 guild masters hanging on until some late hour to push through achievements for the realm first. Maybe I should get a team of guys to run their dailies together on the last morning?

Is anyone else’s guild trying for the realm first? One day of not getting xp capped will be enough to lose the race, what are you doing to keep everyone going? Oh, and if you are on Nagrand, let us win 🙂

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6 Responses to The race to realm first level 25 guild

  1. Solitha says:

    I have a feeling there’s gonna be a bunch.

    Our guild is hardly the most active on our server, so far as I know, but we’ve capped every day I think, and pushing level 10.

    I’ve never completely understood the guild leveling system but aren’t achievements disconnected from guild xp? Wasn’t that the purpose of the rollback shortly after release, because they didn’t want achievements to change purpose from being fluff?

  2. Goodmongo says:

    Why? Bragging rights? Good luck to you.

    • Antony says:

      A bunch of guildies like to chase achievements and this gives them motivation to play together when they are not raiding. There are also lots of casual members in the guild who have no intention of raiding or joining pvp teams, but enjoy contributing in different ways. Gaining guild xp is something that everyone can do and helps build a sense of community.

      This wasn’t something that the guild leadership planned, the guild just happened to be in a position where it might be possible. In all honesty the chance of getting there first is somewhat slim, but it never hurts to give it a go.

      The value in an achievement like this goes to those involved – the sense of satisfaction. I certainly can’t see any benefit in getting the achievement and using it as a recruiting tool or anything like that, it’s the same as most realm firsts since everyone else is there a couple of hours or days afterwards.

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