Who completed your guild achievements?

For some time now I have wanted to reward guildies who participated in guild achievement runs but have not known how to track which people were involved. The new armory doesn’t list the characters, but there is a mouse-over in the in-game achievement interface that shows the people involved.

All you have to do is move your mouse over the green points value for the achievement and the list of participants appears. This is a great feature, and I hope that Blizzard makes it available on the web interface as well.

As a guild leader it’s a great tool, you can reward those who level their professions first, or who go back through old content for guild group runs, whoever gets that last reputation to exalted or anything else that your guild focuses on.

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2 Responses to Who completed your guild achievements?

  1. shelly says:

    Be sure that you are getting the whole guild involved if you plan on awarding participants, a select few of our guild all rushed to 85 together and ran dungeons together non stop for the first few weeks as well, grabbing the vast majority of the dungeon achievements as a core group of 3-4 and in the process pushing their ilevel well beyond the rest of the guild. Great way to get the points from having the achevements, but seemed aweful wasteful all that learning that no one else could participate in as a guild. And to think… we STILL haven’t completed the critter achievment and as a guild we could pop that one out in an hour or two if anyone else cared about the points (which I know people do)

  2. Antony says:

    Yeah, rewards are tricky and I ended up not handing anything out for them. The achievements that can be tracked were mostly obtained by a group of about 10 people, and the ones that cannot be easily tracked were completed by other guildies.
    My guild did both critter achievements pretty quickly, a huge group of people went out and killed them in a raid. A few individuals had also put a pretty big dent in the number before that. I remember logging on in the evening and finding out that during the day people had killed about 50,000 critters!

    Guild achievements have been working well for group activities. Every week there is a run of an old raid or some instances, just to get another guild achivement.

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