Feral druid raid drops

I’m about to start raiding again on my druid, so I’ve prepared a list of gear that drops from the various raid bosses. This isn’t a list of the best items, just what is available.

After having all the druid weapons a fair way into instances during the Wrath expansion I’m pretty excited to see that the staff is on the first boss of The Bastion of Twilight and that there are decent trinkets early on as well. Here’s the highlights of the loot list:

  1. Weapons are on the first boss of Blackwing Descent and Bastion of Twilight.
  2. There are decent tanking trinkets early in Blackwing Descent and Bastion of Twilight.
  3. It looks like a helm will be the hardest item to obtain for this raid tier since the options are on the last boss of raids. If you’re lucky there is Tsanga’s Helm, which is a trash drop in Bastion of Twilight (or 35 to 40K on the auction house at the moment).

Blackwing Descent


  • Akirus the Worm-Breaker, a 2 handed strength mace, with expertise and mastery on it. This is probably better for cat dps than for tanking since it lacks avoidance.
  • Symbiotic Worm, a stamina trinket that grants mastery rating at low health. This is an ok trinket, but many trinkets from heroics or the Baradin’s Wardens reputation trinket seem like better choices.
  • Parasitic Bands, bracers with critical strike rating and mastery rating – ideal itemization for both bear and cat druids.

Omintron Defense System



  • Sark of the Unwatched, a chest-piece with critical strike and mastery ratings as well as two sockets. The yellow socket helps with activating our meta gem too, which makes this piece look ideally itemized.
  • Ironstar Amulet, a tanking necklace with strength, dodge and hit rating


  • Heart of Rage, an expertise trinket with a strength proc. While better suited to strength-based classes this is still a good trinket for kitty dps. Patch 4.2 will change this, since strength will be worthless for cats when that patch arrives.
  • Double Attack Handguards, gloves with expertise, mastery and a socket. A definite upgrade from the Wildhammer/Dragonmaw reputation reward epic gloves for druid tanking.
  • Bile-O-Tron Nut, a tanking ring with strength, dodge and expertise.


The Bastion of Twilight

Halfus Wyrmbreaker

  • Essence of the Cyclone, an agility trinket with a critical strike rating proc. This looks like a pretty good trinket for both dps and tanking.
  • Malevolence, a fantastic staff with critical strike rating and mastery rating. Don’t let the hunters walk away with this one!
  • Storm Rider’s Boots, boots with haste and mastery rating and a yellow socket.


Twilight Ascendant Council

  • Crushing Weight, a strength-based trinket with a haste proc. Probably better to let other classes have this one, but it will still be ok for cat dps (until patch 4.2).
  • Dispersing Belt, with critical strike rating, haste rating and a blue socket.


Throne of the Four Winds

Conclave of Wind

The items dropped here have random enchantments, so they may be useful in some circumstances. The details of each enchant can be found on wowpedia’s random enchant suffixes guide.


The items dropped here have random enchantments, so they may be useful in some circumstances. The details of each enchant can be found on wowpedia’s random enchant suffixes guide.

Baradin Hold


  • All the Tier 11 set items
  • All the Vicious Gladiator set items (helm, shoulders, chest, gloves, legs)
  • Vicious Gladiator’s neck, cloak, boots, belt, rings and trinkets

I hope this list is useful to people. I also have a list of gear from heroics that I’m using while gearing up and I hope to post that sometime soon.

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5 Responses to Feral druid raid drops

  1. Solitha says:

    Have you stopped blogging, or just concentrating on raiding? I was all \o/ about your blog, but it seems to have stopped ><

    • Antony says:

      Hi Solitha,

      I just got over a nasty bout of illness, and my raid group is struggling with some regulars who lost an internet connection for an extended period, so things are going slowly at the moment.

      I’m keen to keep posting, but I don’t have anything particularly interesting to say at the moment. The recent changes were not very exciting for druid tanks (although the ghosted talent bug was interesting), and most blogs are covering patch info at the moment.
      I’ll find some motivation soon, I just want to have something worthwhile saying 🙂

      I’m glad you’ve been enjoying the blog too, that helps!
      all the best,

  2. J Deveraux says:

    hey there; i too also read your blog. I liked that you pointed out all the drops; but I’ve yet to find info showing what is best in slot (for 359). I use rawr but sometimes it seems it wants me to do dumb things (like reforge mastery; which as a bear–is NEVER correct)

    • Antony says:

      Hi, I’ll do a post with my opinions of the BiS list for 359 items shortly. I have the list, but there are a few conditions and issues with it.
      To get Rawr to work well, I set the survival soft cap to 350,000 and the threat value to 7 on the options tab. On the boss handler tab, I use Halfus as a test boss because there is no movement or downtime built into the boss mechanics. Then I find that it’s not recommending strange reforges or gems.

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