I just saw the latest patch 4.1 notes from the PTR and I’m excited 🙂

The cool-down of Swipe will be reduced to 3 seconds.

Now, I don’t think swipe is really that great at the moment, but it will make life easier for picking up moving adds, reducing the window where there is no AoE buttons to press for druid tanks to just 1 global cool-down in the worst case.
I recently had a bad couple of seconds on Halfus where a fire mage spread a bunch of dots on the whelps and I had no AoE available for some time. Being able to use swipe would have made me feel better while he was busy encased in his ice block 🙂

Does anyone think that this will be a significant quality of life change for druid tanks? Given the damage of swipe don’t really think so, but it’s nice to see some changes for feral druids.

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7 Responses to Swipe!

  1. Solitha says:


    I don’t think they’re putting that in for us, but for lower-level tanks.

    • Antony says:

      I agree, the purpose of the change will not be for bears who have Thrash. It could still be a quality of life change though, and we haven’t seen any of them for a while now…

      • Solitha says:

        This is true.

        I can’t say I’d consider it bad. There are times when you have adds streaming in, and it would be nice to have more AoE pick-ups before they romp past you to the healer.

        And if it makes baby bears more… um… bearable… that can’t be a bad thing.

  2. Rakhman says:

    I think this will be a good quality of life improvement, because as you say, we have periods with no AoE buttons to press, which makes picking up many adds tricksy. In fact my guild recognizes this and usually puts me on duties other than add tanking.

    However will it come with a nerf to Swipe damage (and rage cost)? If that was 50% then its equal, except we get to do some AoE threat more often, good for adds. If I really can hit Swipe in its current form more often along with Thrash, even better.

    The current normal instances are really getting to be no-CC and AoE fests again, once 4.1 hits it will be worse and I reckon we will get back to Wrath tanking models, so some AoE threat is going to be important.

    It’s an interesting change and one I shall keep my eye on, for a reversion or other associated nerfs.

  3. Goodmongo says:

    I agree with Solitha 100%. The blue post recently said the only area they see a problem in is in low level bear tanking. At level 85 swipe was one of our worst threat gererators and even if there was no CD on swipe we would soon lose threat on the main target.

    With this swipe change they are also nerfing thrash. The net result is at best a wash. But to call swipe a buff is really going way to far. The bottom line is ferals are broken. This swipe change does nothing to fix it as SD can onoy proc once per global CD anyway.

    As for you example I’m not sure a single swipe would have enough threat to get all the adds anyway. If they increased threat along with the CD change then it would be a true buff. Taken as is along with the change to thrash and it’s hard to see it not being a nerf.

    • Antony says:

      Yeah, I agree. Swipe won’t pick the adds up, but it would have made me feel more useful for a couple of seconds. Honestly, I’m yet to see a situation where actually using Swipe in its current form makes a significant difference. I’ve deliberately not used it a few times, and Thrash still held the mobs I was tanking.

      I just found the thrash changes over on mmo-champion. They are datamined changes, I can’t see anything on the official forums that mentions them. Here’s the text:

      Thrash now deals [202 + 12.8% of AP] to [249 + 12.8% of AP] damage instead of [202 + 15.4% of AP] damage. Bleed damage now scales from 6.51% of AP, down from 7.8%.

      At 10,000 AP, that’s a reduction of 260 damage from the attack power change on the direct hit, and reduction of 129 points of bleed damage over 6 seconds. It doesn’t seem too bad to me, they aren’t particularly big numbers. That said, I’m not sure why Thrash would need a nerf.

      • Goodmongo says:

        “That said, I’m not sure why Thrash would need a nerf.”

        And that my friend is the crux of the matter. Why all the nerfs on druids, especially ferals? Since the end of Wrath ferals have been hit really hard, so to even think about a tiny nerf is pretty silly.

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