Updated Savage Defense changes

Yesterday I discussed the possible changes to Savage Defense.

Today there is a data-mined update from mmo-champion from the public test realms. Here’s the text:

Savage Defense now absorbs damage equal to 35% of your attack power for 10 sec instead of reducing the damage taken from the next physical attack.

So the developers are trying the simplest change in this case. As someone who works in software development, that seems like a good idea to me 🙂

So how will this change affect druid tanks? Here’s my opinion:

  1. It will make almost no difference for single target boss fights.
  2. It will make a significant difference when tanking multiple targets. Maybe as much as 20% less damage taken.
  3. It will trivialize old content, allowing clearing of old dungeons without repair bills – it’s time to farm mounts that you still need!

Fully raid buffed I have a bit under 20k attack power, providing shields of 7k. With vengeance fully stacked this increases to 30k attack power and shields of 10.5k. With mastery applied that shield goes up to 17k with vengeance, or 11k without.

Checking through some of my World of Logs parses, a lot of trash mobs hit for 9-17k with their melee swings (some hit for up to 35k as well). In the cases where there are multiple mobs druids will take less damage, since the shield will cover 1-2 attacks.

Here’s a concrete example: Twilight Phase Twisters do melee hits that average 6k damage. These arrive in large packs (maybe 8-12 or so). In this case a druid tank will absorb 2 melee hits completely when previously a shield would only have lasted for one hit.

An important point here is that as gear levels increase the Savage Defense shields will increase too. My druid is not particularly well geared, and people in hard mode raid gear will see massive improvements when tanking trash mobs.

I don’t have any hard data from heroics, but I’m certain the mobs don’t hit as hard, so the benefit when tanking trash will be large when there are a few mobs.

It will be interesting to see whether this changes by the time 4.1 goes live. I know I’ll be running an old instance as soon as I can just to see how well Savage Defense works in that case.

Now might be a good time to write an addon that tracks Savage Defense and its duration, similar to Blood Shield Tracker. Maybe I’ll look into that if I get some time 🙂

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4 Responses to Updated Savage Defense changes

  1. Solitha says:

    Is this going to contribute to rage starvation in heroics? Or is that passe’?

  2. Ampzilla says:

    I believe rage generation is unaffected by absorbs. Since 3.1.0. Unless of course for some random reason (completely possible) Savage Defense works differently than PW:Shield.

    • Antony says:

      I think you are correct, but I couldn’t find any references to this after a quick check. I do remember a change that ensured druids get rage when shields are up though.

  3. Hoofit says:

    If you are already using Power Auras, you should be able to make an aura for this pretty easily.
    How to do it though… should an aura be on when it is not active, or while it is active. I have a feeling that it will be popping on and off quite a bit even with the 10 seconds it is active, so an Aura might be more annoying than it is worth.

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