I’m stoked! The latest patch notes for the 4.1 PTR have the following section:

Enrage no longer increases physical damage taken.

This is awesome. I got so used to the tier 10 4-piece bonus for bears that I used enrage all the time. While this change is not quite as good as that, it now makes Enrage viable when tanking.

Here’s how I think the changes will affect druid tanks overall:

  1. Enrage can be used mid-fight as well as before the pull.
  2. Enrage doesn’t have to be paired with Barkskin or another damage reduction cool-down.
  3. King of the Jungle (5-15% damage increase from Enrage in bear form) is now a more viable tanking talent. Finding 2 or 3 talent points to put here will make choosing a spec a more interesting process as well.

I find that there are times in heroics or on trash packs in raids that I need Enrage. Particularly if I forgot to start attacking with auto attacks (this happens at least once a night when pulling with Faerie Fire 😦 ). I think it will be a great quality of life change for druids. It finally addresses the problem where Druids have no instant rage generation that can be used when tanking, while Warriors do.

The possibility of +15% damage for 10 seconds could be pretty significant when tanking, especially when aligned with cool-downs for burn phases. Putting 2 points in King of the Jungle instead of Stampede might become a good idea with this change.

I’m looking forward to trying it out soon 🙂

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2 Responses to Finally!

  1. Aester says:

    I use a FF+ auto attack macro to prevent the ragestarve issue.

    /cast Faerie Fire (Feral)(Feral)

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