Patch 4.2: The Firelands – feral druid gear

I’ve been looking at some of the data-mined information about patch 4.2, and there is a lot of interesting gear coming up for feral druids.

All the professions are getting new recipes, and some of these will be available pretty easily. Others look like raid drops and have expensive materials, but will probably end up ranking pretty highly in the initial stages of Firelands raiding.

I’ve listed all the profession gear of interest, vendor gear from doing daily quests at the Molten Front, the Avengers of Hyjal reputation rewards and also raid drops that have been discovered so far.


Most of this PvP gear is ok, but it will not replace any epic gear (PvE or PvP) that has been obtained prior to the patch since it is just the entry level PvP set. The two epics are raid gear with expensive materials – nicely itemized for cats though.




  • Flintlocke’s Woodchucker: +300 agility for 10 seconds
    Although this is useless for druids, I thought I’d mention it anyway. The idea of shooting rabid squirrels at a burning raid boss is kinda silly.


  • Witch-Hunter’s Harvester: 361 Agility, 241 Crit, 241 Mastery, 659.2 DPS.
    This is a nice upgrade over Malevolence, unless you have managed to get the heroic version. This weapon is not as good as the Firelands raid gear, but is relatively cheap to make, only requiring materials that are available now. It may be worth saving up the materials for it now, but be aware that only people who have opened up the Molten Front vendors will have access to the plans, so it might be expensive for a while.

Molten Front dailies

The new quest lines in Mount Hyjal open up daily quests in the Molten Front, which in turn allow access to three vendors who sell epic gear, pets and mounts. These quests are similar to the Argent Crusade dailies, rewarding Mark of the World Tree tokens upon completion. The number of marks varies for each daily, but averages out to around 10 per day if all dailies are completed.

There is one vendor who is available once the Firelands is accessible; Zen’Vorka for the Horde or Captain Irontree for the alliance. This vendor sells some writs of commendation (that grant reputation) and the following feral druid item:

After unlocking all the Molten Front daily quests it is possible to unlock the vendors (at 125 Marks each), who have the following items of interest for feral druids. Each item is an ilevel 365 epic, half a tier better than normal mode drops from tier 11 raids.

Damek Bloombeard – Additional Armaments

  • Trinket – Ricket’s Magnetic Fireball, 340 agility and 1700 crit for 20 seconds. Also attracts small celestial objects.
    Fractionally better than the ilevel 359 Essence of the Cyclone for tanking, not as good as Tia’s Grace for dps (unless the crit proc has a cooldown of 1 minute, rather than the 2 minutes I guessed at). The extra stars proc might make a difference as well, I will revisit this when 4.2 goes live.
  • Polearm – Plans: Witch-Hunter’s Harvester
    Slightly better than the ilevel 359 Malevolence, as expected. Good for both cats and bears.

Ayla Shadowstorm – Filling the Moonwell

Varlan Highbough – Calling the Ancients

  • Hands – Aviana’s Grips, haste and mastery.
    These gloves are better than the ilevel 359 alternatives for both tanking and dps.

Avengers of Hyjal faction

This is the raid faction and reputation will be gained in the Firelands raid instance, with Exalted reputation requiring bosses to be killed, not just trash farming.

Firelands raid gear

Valor point rewards

The valor vendors are selling the following items, all ilevel 378 epics:

The Covenant of the Flame can be upgraded to a 391 heroic version using a Crystallized Firestone.

Trash epics?

The following items are BoE and look like they will be trash drops.

  • Choker of the Firelord: 240 Agility, 162 Haste, 156 Mastery
  • This is an ilevel 384 item, I suspect that it will not remain BoE when 4.2 goes live

Boss drops

Here’s the list of BoP epics that are applicable to feral druids. Some of these may be Valor rewards, but it is hard to tell at the moment. Items that may be upgraded to their heroic counterparts with a Crystallized Firestone have a  next to them.

The above items drop from the following bosses:

Beth’tilac, The Red Widow

Lord Rhyolith




Majordomo Staghelm


Here’s a nice picture of the heroic gear vendor courtesy of

Tier 12 gear

This time there are some good pieces of tier gear for both bears and cats, with the option of taking offset pieces that are better itemized for a specific set.

The set bonuses are not linked to the items on Wowhead yet, so here’s the set bonus details:

  • 2-piece bonus:Your attacks with Mangle, Maul, and Shred deal 10% additional damage as Fire damage over 4 sec.
  • 4-piece bonus: Your finishing moves have a 20% chance per combo point to extend the duration of Berserk by 2 sec and when your Barkskin ability expires you gain an additional 10% chance to dodge for 12 sec.

And here’s the tier gear:

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6 Responses to Patch 4.2: The Firelands – feral druid gear

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  2. Chris says:


    What is your take on the arena gear in 4.2?
    Look at this comparison;71100
    I have not found a good discussion about the viability of tanking in some arena gear ( not blue honor gear ).


  3. Chris says:

    Sounds good. My plan is the get arena gear while getting the raid gear and that way boost my stats. Ofc I will replace the arena gear when I have gotten the other pve slots full.
    Thnx for pointing out the most viable pvp parts.

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