Event boss loot

The upcoming seasonal events with bosses are:

  1. Midsummer Fire Festival (June 21 – July 5)
  2. Brewfest (Sept 20th – Oct 4th)
  3. Hallow’s End (Oct 18th – Nov 1st)

And the PTR has some nifty new feral druid related loot for them. I’ve listed some of the other loot as well, since some of it is pretty neat.

Probably the most interesting thing here is the fact that the ilevel of the rewards jumps between the Midsummer Fire Festival and Brewfest, likely putting the release of patch 4.2 in late July-early September.

Midsummer Fire Festival

These items are likely drops from Ahune, and are ilevel 353 epics:

The cloak isn’t really that exciting for druids, since there is a 359 Valor reward and a 359 BoE at the moment, and an equivalent 353 drop in ZA. However it will be great for those who have not managed to pick up the other options.


These items are the new items from Coren Direbrew. They are all ilevel 365 epics.

The only items of real interest to a feral druid are the Chromium Coaster for cats (and I think that any agility trinket will be better) and the Stamina trinkets for bears. It’s nice to have a bunch of stamina as an option if you have stacked avoidance elsewhere. The Brawler’s Trophy trinket seems lacking compared to the other tanking trinket options available; it has 2% dodge, with 9.7% dodge on a 2 minute cooldown. While not bad, an agility trinket is probably better.

Hallow’s End

These items drop from the Headless Horseman. They are all ilevel 365 epics.

There is very little here for feral druids. The Band of Ghoulish Glee has hit and crit on it, which is ok, but not ideal. Currently on the PTR it is listed with 134 agility, but that looks like an error since all 359 rings have 180 agility or more. Once that is addressed this ring will be a pretty good one just for the extra agility and stamina.

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