Patch 4.3 loot for balance and restoration druids

The loot lists for the three new heroic instances in patch 4.3 have been published, and now that I’m doing some healing as well as tanking and cat dps, I thought I’d go through the druid caster gear from the new 5-mans.

There is discussion of the individual items after the table, and alternatives for the different specs.

There are three pieces of leather caster gear and two rings that are not finalized yet. They fill the chest, hands and feet slots for which there is no other gear. These items do not have a drop location yet, and may or may not appear in game when the patch goes live.

Slot Loot Location Boss
Head Timeway Headgear End Time Murozond
Shoulders Spaulders of the Well Well of Eternity Mannoroth and Varo’then
Back Cloak of Subtle Light Hour of Twilight Asira Dawnslayer
Chest Eternity Breastplate (PH) Well of Eternity ?
Wrist Evergreen Wristbands Hour of Twilight Arcurion
Hands Eternity Gloves (PH) Well of Eternity ?
Waist Cord of Lost Hope End Time Shared
Legs Leggings of Blinding Speed Hour of Twilight Asira Dawnslayer
Feet End Time Boots (PH) End Time ?
Ring Horned Band Well of Eternity Peroth’arn
Twilight Hour Band (PH) Hour of Twilight ?
Twilight Hour Signet (PH) Hour of Twilight ?
Trinket Light of Lights Well of Eternity Mannoroth and Varo’then
Weapon Jaina’s Staff End Time Echo of Jania
Scepter of Azshara Well of Eternity Queen Azshara
Fanged Tentacle Hour of Twilight Archbishop Benedictus
Stalk of Corruption Hour of Twilight Archbishop Benedictus
Off-hand Orb of the First Satyrs Well of Eternity Peroth’arn
Relic None

End Time

Cord of Lost Hope (210 haste rating, 153 mastery rating, 1 yellow socket, +10 intellect socket bonus). This is equivalent to Firescar Sash from Avengers of Hyjal reputation.

End Time Boots (PH) (156 spirit, 212 haste rating, 1 yellow socket). The expensive crafted boots are very similar in itemization, Ethereal Footfalls, and the only other boot option at this ilevel is Phoenix-Down Treads which drop from Alysrazor. Given that the 5-man items have haste and spirit just like the crafted boots, these are a very good option.

Jaina’s Staff (213 critical strike rating, 306 mastery rating, 2334 spellpower). There are many weapon options in the new 5-man instances, and quite a few from Firelands, including two bind-on-equip weapons. Have a look at this wowhead search to see all the possibilities.

Timeway Headgear (221 critical strike rating, 252 haste rating, 1 meta socket, 1 red socket, +30 haste rating socket bonus). While this is a good helm, the Cowl of the Clicking Menace from Beth’tilac in Firelands is far superior, having spirit, haste and a +30 intellect socket bonus). The tier 12 helms Obsidian Arborweave Cover and Obsidian Arborweave Helm both have a +30 intellect socket bonus, making them better if you can get them.

Well of Eternity

Eternity Breastplate (PH) (284 spirit, 195 critical strike rating, 1 red socket, 1 blue socket). This is equivalent to Incendic Chestguard, except that the drop from Firelands has haste instead of critical strike rating. Other options for chest-pieces are the two pieces of tier 12 gear, Obsidian Arborweave Robes and Obsidian Arborweave Vestment. For resto druids the tier piece is probably the best bet, with haste and spirit.

Eternity Gloves (PH) (207 spirit, 166 haste, 1 blue socket). Although these gloves are not final, they are pretty much identical to the gloves from Beth’tilac, Cindersilk Gloves and the crafted gloves, Heavenly Gloves of the Moon. Other options for this slot are Obsidian Arborweave Gloves and Obsidian Arborweave Handwraps, although some restoration druids may prefer the Eternity gloves over the tier 12 because of the spirit on the new ones.

Horned Band (173 critical strike rating, 115 haste rating). There are also two other rings that do not have a drop location or proper names yet; Twilight Hour Band (PH) and Twilight Hour Signet (PH). In addition there is a decent ring from Shannox, Crystal Prison Band and two rings from vendors, Crystalline Brimstone Ring and Soothing Brimstone Circle.

Orb of the First Satyrs (167 hit rating, 126 haste rating). There are also two off-hand items with spirit on them that do not have a published drop location yet; Demonic Skull and Horrific Offhand. Other than these off-hands from the new instances, the only options are Goblet of Anger from Shannox and Molten Scream from Baleroc in Firelands.

Scepter of Azshara (91 critical strike rating, 131 mastery rating, 2333 spellpower). There are many weapon options in the new 5-man instances, and quite a few from Firelands, including two bind-on-equip weapons. Have a look at this wowhead search to see all the possibilities.

Spaulders of the Well (206 critical strike rating, 174 mastery rating, 1 red socket, +10 spirit socket bonus). Other shoulder options are the Flickering Shoulderpads, random stat items from Shannox and the tier shoulders from Staghelm; Obsidian Arborweave Mantle and Obsidian Arborweave Shoulderwraps. In this case the tier are much harder to get, and which item is best really depends on the stats for the Flickering Shoulderpads.

Light of Lights (383 intellect, Equip: Your healing and damaging spells have a chance to grant 1149 Critical Strike rating for 20 seconds). This is a great dps trinket and most moonkins will want to get one at least as an option. It’s not bad for heals, but crit certainly isn’t a top priority stat.

Hour of Twilight

Evergreen Wristbands (162 critical strike rating, 133 mastery rating) are a good option if you don’t need spirit. There are two BoE options as well; Glowing Wing Bracers from Baleroc in Firelands and Smolderskull Bindings from the Justice/Valor point vendors.

Leggings of Blinding Speed (284 spirit, 203 haste rating, 1 red socket, 1 yellow socket, +20 intellect socket bonus) are really well itemized, effectively equivalent to Firecat Leggings from Majordomo Staghelm in Firelands. The tier 12 options are Obsidian Arborweave Legwraps and Obsidian Arborweave Leggings.

Cloak of Subtle Light (162 spirit, 133 mastery) is not a very interesting drop, since it is so close to Flowing Flamewrath Cape in itemization. So many people have managed to get to friendly with the Avengers of Hyjal that I can’t see this new drop being needed much. Other cloak options are Rippling Flamewrath Drape (also from reputation) and Wings of Flame from Alysrazor in Firelands.

Fanged Tentacle (116 hit rating, 116 critical strike rating, 2333 spellpower) and Stalk of Corruption (265 haste rating, 276 mastery rating, 2334 spellpower) are good weapons dropped by  Archbishop Benedictus. As I mentioned earlier, there are many weapons to choose from, see this wowhead search.


There is an absolute ton of gear for spell-casting druids in the new 5-man instances (especially if the place-holder items end up in-game). I’m quite surprised that there are four decent weapons, especially since none of them have spirit.

Overall this looks like a good opportunity to build up a decent set of offset gear for me, and I’m sure that plenty of raiders will be looking to fill in the gear slots that they have missed getting Firelands upgrades for.

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