Patch 4.3 Valor point gear for feral druids

The patch 4.3 public test realms have just had the Valor vendors updated with the available gear. The list below contains a list of the items from the vendor. In cases where I am not certain of the items I have marked them, the rest have been validated with screen-shots.

Update (Nov 17): Faldren Tillsdale has had his item list updated on the wowhead PTR site, and confirmed a few more items. It looks like there will be no Valor items for legs or shoulders at this point.
Update (Nov 23): Removed the shoulders, since they are a confirmed raid drop.

Slot Loot
Head Nocturnal Gaze
Neck Cameo of Terrible Memories
Shoulders None
Back Batwing Cloak
Chest Shadowbinder Chestguard
Wrist Bracers of Manifold Pockets (BoE)
Hands Lightfinger Handwraps
Waist Belt of Hidden Keys
Legs None confirmed yet.
Feet Rooftop Griptoes (BoE)
Ring Emergency Descent Loop
Trinket Fire of the Deep, Equip: 458 mastery rating, Use: 2290 dodge rating for 15 seconds, 90 second cooldown.
Kiroptyric Sigil,
Equip: Increases your haste rating by 458 (3.58% @ L85).
Use: Increases your Agility by 2290 for 15 sec. (1 Min, 30 Sec Cooldown)
Relic Ripfang Relic

There are quite a few rings and trinkets available at the same item level as the rest of the valor rewards. Most of these will definitely be raid drops, but I have listed them all here for the sake of completeness.

Slot Loot
Ring Seal of Primordial Shadow, Signet of Grasping Mouths
Trinket Indomitable Pride, +687 stamina,
Equip: Attacks which reduce your health below 50% grant you an absorb shield equal to 50% of the damage done by the attack for 6 sec. This effect cannot trigger more often than once every 60 sec.
Soulshifter Vortex, +687 stamina, Equip: When you deal damage you have a chance to gain 2904 mastery rating for 20 sec.
Starcatcher Compass, +458 agility, Equip: When you deal damage you have a chance to gain 2904 haste rating for 20 sec.
Vial of Shadows, +458 agility, Equip: Your melee and ranged attacks have a chance to trigger an additional attack for 12084 to 18127 physical damage.

Looking at all the items available on Wowhead for the PTR it is interesting to see that there are ilvl 384 versions of all the Valor rewards. This is the difficulty of the raid finder raids, so it is quite possible that weaker versions of all the Valor point items will be available from these raids.
The other possibility is that these will never make it to a live realm…

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