Druid changes in Mists of Pandaria

I’ve been looking through the druid-related posts about Mists of Pandaria on the forums and Blizzard blogs for a while now, but have waited to post anything here until more was known. With the recent class design and balance live Q&A held with Blizzard developers there has been quite a bit of new information provided about druids. Other than the major change to talents that all classes get, the biggest change to druids is the splitting of the Feral spec into a cat and bear (Guardian) specializations.

The new talents are live now too, and can be seen here: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/game/mists-of-pandaria/feature/talent-specification

Here’s a summary of the druid specs and the things that are known about them:

All druids

  • Specs will contain core rotational mechanics and the tools needed to perform your role. Talents complement that with various forms of utility.
  • Many old talents are now core spells or spells that are specific to one spec.
  • A spec will be chosen at level 10.
  • All druids get access to two new abilities:

Here’s the list of spells that are available to all specs, along with the level that each spell is available. Specialization specific spells can be found later in the post.

1: Wrath 26: Healing Touch
3: Moonfire 28: Faerie Fire
4: Rejuvenation 32: Pounce
6: Feline Grace 36: Track Humanoids
6: Cat Form 42: Hurricane
6: Prowl 44: Barkskin
6: Rake 52: Nature’s Grasp
6: Ferocious Bite 54: Innervate
6: Mangle 56: Rebirth
8: Bear Form 58: Flight Form
8: Growl 62: Mark of the Wild
8: Maul 66: Hibernate
10: Entangling Roots 68: Soothe
12: Revive 68: Frenzied Regeneration
14: Teleport: Moonglade 70: Swift Flight Form
16: Travel Form 72: Might of Ursoc
18: Aquatic Form 74: Tranquility
18: Lacerate 78: Cyclone
22: Remove Corruption 82: Maim
22: Swipe 84: Stampeding Roar
24: Dash 87: Symbiosis


Here’s a list of the Balance specific spells:

10: Eclipse 34: Killer Instinct
10: Natural Insight 38: Euphoria
10: Starfire 48: Owlkin Frenzy
12: Starsurge 50: Leather Specialization
14: Celestial Focus 64: Balance of Power
16: Moonkin Form 68: Celestial Alignment
18: Sunfire 76: Starfall
20: Astral Communion 80: Mastery: Total Eclipse
26: Shooting Stars 82: Lunar Shower
28: Solar Beam 84: Wild Mushroom, Detonate


Here’s the list of Restoration specific spells:

10: Swiftmend 44: Ironbark
10: Natural Insight 46: Swift Rejuvenation
12: Nourish 50: Leather Specialization
14: Meditation 64: Lifebloom
16: Nature’s Focus 76: Wild Growth
18: Regrowth 80: Mastery: Harmony
22: Nature’s Cure 82: Malfurion’s Gift
28: Living Seed 84: Wild Mushroom
34: Killer Instinct 84: Wild Mushroom: Bloom
38: Omen of Clarity


Key changes:

  • Loss of the ability to tank effectively in bear form.
  • Predatory Swiftness allows heals/rebirth without shifting.
  • Thrash works in cat form.
  • Savage Roar is more significant than in Cataclysm.
  • Mangle applies a 50% movement speed debuff, Infected Wounds.

Here’s the list of Feral specific spells:

10: Tiger’s Fury 38: Infected Wounds
14: Feral Instinct 42: Primal Fury
16: Shred 46: Leader of the Pack
18: Savage Roar 48: Berserk
22: Rip 50: Leather Specialization
26: Predatory Swiftness 54: Ravage
28: Thrash 64: Skull Bash
34: Nurturing Instinct 80: Mastery: Razor Claws
38: Omen of Clarity


Key changes:

  • Rage is generated by Mangle and auto attack hits, with more for critical strikes. It is used for defence and AoE attacks.
  • Savage Defense and Frenzied Regeneration cause a different playstyle, requiring players to press buttons to gain avoidance and heal themselves.
  • Cat form now does minimal damage, due to the loss of Shred and Savage Roar.
  • Bear Hug is new.
  • Mastery increases armour.
  • Pulverize, Demoralizing Roar and Challenging Roar were all removed. The debuff from Demoralizing Roar is now baked into Thrash.

Here’s the list of Guardian specific spells:

10: Savage Defense 42: Primal Fury
10: Vengeance 46: Leader of the Pack
14: Thick Hide 48: Berserk
22: Bear Hug 50: Leather Specialization
22: Rip 54: Survival Instincts
28: Thrash 64: Skull Bash
34: Nurturing Instinct 76: Enrage
38: Infected Wounds 80: Mastery: Nature’s Guardian


Here’s my current preference for Guardian talents: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/game/mists-of-pandaria/feature/talent-specification#Ub!212120!ZYSNqH

This may change over time, especially the glyphs. I think I’ll be keeping the Stag glyph though, it looks really cool.

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11 Responses to Druid changes in Mists of Pandaria

  1. pat says:

    Do you think feral will not use bear anymore?

  2. sciamachy says:

    Why’d they have to split feral & guardian? I’ve just managed to get my druid so he can do seriously good DPS as a cat & switch to bear in a flash if the tank dies & be a viable replacement tank. Fuck this shit…

  3. Quinlan says:

    One thing i love from my druid is the ability to switch between forms depending on the battle context. It seems they want to stop this. I thought the interesting part of druids was this very one: the ability to have different forms. This is a real letdown.

  4. Kingovhell says:

    Blame the qq in pvp…people do’nt know how to handle a bear in pvp…’OMG BEAR KILL IT KILLL IT’ “NEED MAOR RAGE OMNOMNOM MAOR HEALF OMNOMNOM”

  5. Myon says:

    As long as Feral Cats are buffed more to the specific style they are, and I can stealth in combat, I’m fine with losing the bear form talents. I used bear form out of the fact once I broke stealth, I had a very low chance of being able to re-stealth until the fight was over. Bear form was more of a last stand option with no chance of actually being able to kill anyone with it.

    More cat form Killing Blows over being able to die slightly slower please.

    • Feralangel says:

      I can understand why they are deciding to do this. Bear form has saved me on a number of occasions. Last one in arena, down to 25% health, last enemy player is at full, pop bear, frenzy regen, back at full and got another chance to win, and more times than not that’s what won arena for me, the second chance. You used to have to run and stay out of combat to restealth.. Or run and hide and shadow meld if you rolled nelf. At least now we can restealth without all that. I’m staying cautiously optimistic, about cat form anyway. I’m hoping they don’t screw guardians over though =\ it’s sounding pretty rough at the moment.

  6. PissedOffKitty says:

    This is so gay. Blizzard can suck my left nut for doing this to ferals. People bitch to much about the.. what? 50 out of thousands of ferals that actually know how to use to class to it’s full potential. If this actually plays through.. I’m gonna take a shit on someone’s door step.

  7. Antony says:

    I’ve updated this a lot, to include all the spells and changes in the 5.04 patch.

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