Stat changes in Mists of Pandaria

Ghostcrawler has just posted a new dev watercooler article about some stat changes in Mists. Here’s the link:

There are some really nice changes for druids here:

  • Expertise reduces spell miss rates, so anything on the spell hit table will benefit from Expertise. Capping Expertise for dodges (7.5%) will mean that an equal amount of spell miss is eliminated. Guardian druids who cap Hit (7.5%) and Expertise will never miss with a spell. Maybe casting moonfire could (theoretically) be worth it!
  • Block changes to a two roll method, but that doesn’t affect druids (so far).
  • All critical hits will do double damage. It was silly that different classes had different multipliers for crits anyway.
  • Resilience is changed to two PvP stats.
    • These stats are offensive and defensive, and only affect PvP. PvE gear will still be less effective in PvP, just like it is now.
    • The PvP stats are granted for free as far as itemization goes, so an ilvl 400 PvP item will have the same stat budget as an ilvl 400 PvE item. This will mean that crafted PvP items will be just as good for PvE players while levelling and preparing for higher tier content.
    • PvP gear will have a lower ilvl than PvE gear of an equivalent tier (crafted and  instance gear will be included) so it will be much harder for people to game the ilvl requirements for instance and raid finder queues.

I like the consolidation of the stats for hit and expertise. It feels like a maturity level change as some of the ugliness behind the scenes from vanilla WoW is removed. These kinds of changes have been happening in every expansion and in a lot of cases they sound like refactoring of the server code so it makes more sense and can be maintained more easily.
The fact that it is easier to understand, and all classes now value all stats makes it heaps better. Everyone now needs 15% of stats that can be capped – 15% hit for casters, and any physical dps class needs 7.5% hit and 7.5% expertise. The latter category will include hunters, since their shots can now be dodged. 

The PvP changes will be great for crafting professions and to finally prevent some of the abuses of gear that have been happening for a while. I’m really happy that there will be no PvP gear that is best in slot for my druid tank now!

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