Warlocking in my spare time

Because of the recent scroll of resurrection promotion, I reactivated an old account that I’d used for multi-boxing. I had a level 13 warlock there that hadn’t been used since 2009 so now it is a level 80 destruction warlock.

The scroll of resurrection experience was pretty neat, logging in to find:

  • a full talent spec already filled in
  • 85 gold
  • a flying mount
  • epic flight
  • a full set of ilevel 232 green gear

was nice – I was able to start questing immediately.

However, the reason I wrote this post wasn’t to talk about the scroll. I’ve never managed to get a warlock past about level 40 – the play style while questing just annoyed me. The scroll allowed me to have a warlock with enough abilities to make it interesting, but wow, it’s “interesting”.

I’ve played a few characters with complicated rotations/priority lists, but so far destruction warlocks are the most fiddly. Here’s a decent guide for them.
Maintaining multiple dots (2-3 mostly), a self buff, 1-2 debuffs and having multiple high-damage abilities that have 10-30 second cool-downs really means that it is not possible to play this spec optimally without addons.
I set up  some power auras for all the abilities with cooldowns and used NeedtoKnow for the dot timers. Now I feel like I can actually use the primary abilities when I need to.

Actual play is quite fun, but maintaining the Improved Soul Fire debuff is awkward. It reminds me of the old Mangle debuff, which had to be applied far too often.

Another thing that was really jarring was the summoning of the big 10 minute cooldown demons. The fact that they only attack targets with a particular curse on them (Bane of Doom) is pretty silly. The first time I used it, the demon just stood around looking stupid. I’m not aware of other classes that have dps cooldowns that can be just wasted like that!
That said, doing this once certainly teaches you not to do it again!

I’m having fun with the warlock, and will probably keep it going up to 85. At level 80 it hits mobs hard enough that my need to see things die quickly is being satisfied (I’m impatient like that), and the complexity of the rotations keeps questing entertaining.

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