A scribe is a druid’s best friend

Some of the new items in Mists of Pandaria beta have been published, and there is some really interesting changes to inscription.

Scribes will have the ability to create staves, and then upgrade them from blue quality to epic. This is very reminiscent of the blacksmithing specialization items from back in the Burning Crusade expansion.

It is not clear whether these will be BoE or BoP at this stage – the items are not consistent. This will probably become clearer in the coming weeks as items are updated on the beta. I think it is most likely that they will be BoE.

Here’s the current details of the agility staves:

And here’s the caster staves. Based on the fact that there is a blue version of the caster staff there is good odds that the Ghost Iron Staff should be a blue item.

The Inscribed Crane Staff should probably have spirit on it, since the offhand fans that are craftable fit that model:

Here’s some details on crafting these staves, using the agility staff as an example:

and the upgraded staff:

Ghost Iron bars look like the new type of bar from mining:

Ink of Dreams is a common ink, Starlight ink is an uncommon ink, and the Sprit of Harmony is a rare item (with no details on where it comes from yet).

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3 Responses to A scribe is a druid’s best friend

  1. The Cat's Me-Wow says:

    Just wondering if inks from previous expansions are still in use?
    And what will be happening to obsolete glyphs? I have a maxxed Scribe, with all currently available patterns, recipes and glyphs. So just wondering how all my hard-earned items will be changed going into MoP. 🙂

    • Antony says:

      Honestly I think it’s a bit early to tell yet. The only thing that is certain is that there will be new inks from new herbs. There has been an announcement that prime glyphs are being removed, but no discussion on how that will affect known recipes.
      There will be plenty of people buying new glyphs though, all those cosmetic glyphs should have a pretty significant impact on the glyph market for a while!

      • The Cat's Me-Wow says:

        Yeah, figured it’ll be a while before we know more about Inscription going into MoP. That’s ok. It’s just (understandably) something I want to know as much as I can about before the release.
        It’s exciting to see that Inscription will be getting an overhaul. Not much was done with it in Cata, although having only been released in WotLK, I can understand that.

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