Guardian druid tanking in the beta, first impressions

I copied my druid across to the beta today, and ran the Temple of the Jade Serpent instance twice. Here’s a brief summary of how druid tanking is working.

It’s worth a quick note that druid damage got buffed today, so that will explain some of the differences from other testers.

Overall, tanking as a Guardian was fine. There were a few key items worthy of mention:

  1. It is possible to activate Savage Defense while it is still up, so be careful.
  2. It is possible to keep very high uptimes of Savage Defense while tanking and holding threat on both bosses and trash.
  3. As other bloggers have mentioned, there is some downtime in the rotation.
  4. Chaining Berserk and Incarnation allows for high damage and constant uptime of Savage defense.
  5. The new talent cooldowns are awesome, druids feel like they have more control over their fate now, with some extra self-healing. Incarnation combined with Frenzied Regeneration causes large heals, and Renewal is great.
  6. Bear hug doesn’t work on bosses and felt like a waste of time.
  7. It is frustrating trying to click Lacerate two times in a row, the 3 second cooldown really threw me.
  8. AoE is easy enough, but use Thrash immediately after activating Savage Defense. Otherwise it can take a few seconds to generate the required rage.

I’ll do a more detailed analysis soon!

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3 Responses to Guardian druid tanking in the beta, first impressions

  1. bajista says:

    From what I’ve heard you can actually stack SD up to a maximum of 10 secs, how true is this?

    • Antony says:

      I certainly didn’t notice this, but I was wasn’t watching the timer too much other than making sure that I refreshed it when possible.
      I just tried to check, but there is a 800MB update to the Beta at the moment, so maybe I can look later tonight

      • Antony says:

        Ok, I logged in and checked. I managed to get it up to 8 seconds on the timer.
        Using Berserk and Enrage I should have seen it around 9 seconds (I clicked Savage Defense when there was still 3 seconds on the buff), but I probably just missed by a fraction of a second.

        Just hitting a target dummy I wasn’t able to get enough rage to increase the timer higher than that. But for tanking purposes, it will be hard to waste rage by using Savage Defense while it is still up.

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