My main character is Eaowyn on Nagrand-US and I am the guild leader of Mortal Wombat. I also lead one of the 10 man raid teams in the guild. I’m the tank in the raid, and have been running raids and tanking them since about August 2008.

My wife and I started new characters on Nagrand when she started playing WoW. We both leveled druids (feral for me and resto/moonkin for her) and joined Mortal Wombat in January 2008 at around level 24. Before that my main character was Saslic, an arcane mage I levelled to 70 on Frostmourne, who has now been relegated to the role of unplayed alt.

When we joined Mortal Wombat it was a social leveling guild with pretty strict leadership. Towards the end of the Burning Crusade era the guild started raiding and created two teams of 10 man raiders. I was promoted to be an officer and ran one of these raids.

When Wrath of the Lich King was released the guild had a bit of an implosion. Some interpersonal dramas saw the guild leader and several long standing members of the guild leave, it was really quite spectacular. After that the rest of us leveled up to 80 and I put a raid team together for Naxx 10. Once everyone reached level cap the guild started to grow again as regular pugging resulted in many new recruits. I ended up becoming guild leader in April 2010 when the current guild leader took a break from WoW.

Since then Mortal Wombat has grown to be a large guild, with three 10 man raid teams in Icecrown Citadel. We also ran casual 25 man raids (a Monday night raid limited to 2 hours) for several months in ICC until the raid lockout changes in patch 4.01.

The transition from social leveling guild to having a core group of raiders has been a challenge for the guild, and consistently raises issues for the officers. Guild membership is open to all, not just raiders, but expectations on anyone who raids are significantly different to everyone else. Mortal Wombat is no longer a leveling guild since there are very few people without characters below level cap, we are a casual guild that has several dedicated raid teams.

I want to use this blog to talk about WoW, druids, guild leadership, raid leadership and other related topics.


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