PvP gear for druid tanking

For fast gearing up to get into heroics, these crafted PvP items are better than quest rewards. They are very cheap to make, and often sell for less than 200 gold on my server.

Other than the belt, there are no quest rewards that can match these items for use in PvE. You will need to be careful with the itemization of your other gear, since all the Contender’s set only contains Critical Strike Rating and Mastery. Guardians also need Hit Rating and Expertise.

This gear would get quickly replaced at level 90, with Justice Point gear (ilevel 458) and gear from heroics (ilevel 463). However, this will give you a good set that can be confidently used to start tanking heroic instances immediately.




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1 Response to PvP gear for druid tanking

  1. Thanks for this. Didn’t even consider PvP gear to get started, but this was a great suggestion.

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