A cataclysm mage gear list

One of my alts is a mage, and I thought I’d throw together a list of gear that I’ll be targeting as that character levels in Cataclysm. I have focused this guide on crafted, reputation, quest and purchasable gear so that it prepares mages to enter heroic instances. I’ve linked a few heroic items in some slots where there are limited choices outside of heroics.

Each item is presented in the following format: Item link (item level), location or method to acquire, important stats.
I have presented items this way because they all have stamina and intellect, and the most important gearing decisions a player makes are really based on the other statistics on an item. Are you trying to get more haste, or get crit to 25%, or get hit capped? These points will determine which gear is best, so I’ve tried to help with that decision in the post.

I’ll present the list of gear, then some guidance on reputations to work on at the end.

Some useful numbers to keep in mind while considering upgrades are (source):

  • Hit cap for heroic instances: 615 hit rating
  • Hit cap for T11 raids: 1742 hit rating
  • Crit rating required per percentage point: 179.3
  • Haste rating required per percentage point: 128
  • Mastery rating required per mastery point: 179.3



  1. Lightweight Bio-Optic Killshades (359), Engineering. Stats of note: meta gem, cogwheel sockets
  2. Cowl of Pleasant Gloom (346), 2200 Justice points. Stats of note: hit, crit, meta gem
  3. Spiritmend Cowl (333), Tailoring. Stats of note: crit, mastery, usable at level 83
  4. Helm of Temperance (333), Honored with the Earthen Ring. Stats of note: meta socket, hit, crit
  5. Mercury-Coated Hood (325), Honored with the Earthen Ring. Stats of note: meta socket, hit, mastery
  6. Kata-Mary Crown (325), Gnomebliteration quest in Uldum. Stats of note: crit, mastery


  1. Lightning Flash Pendant (359), Exalted with Wildhammer clan. Stats of note: crit, mastery
  2. String of Beaded Bubbles (346), 1250 Justice points. Stats of note: hit, mastery
  3. Eye of Many Deaths (346), Jewelcrafting. Stats of note: haste, mastery
  4. Pendant of Elemental Balance (333), Honored with the Earthen Ring. Stats of note: mastery. This item has Spirit, so is less desirable because of that
  5. Kuang’s Locket of Secrets (325), BoE. Stats of note: haste, mastery


  1. Meadow Mantle (346), 1650 Justice points. Stats of note: crit, mastery
  2. Blight-Lifter’s Mantle (333), The Source of Their Power quest in the Lost City of the Tol’vir. Stats of note: haste, mastery
  3. Fireweave Shoulders (339), Tailoring. Stats of note: crit. This is a PvP item and has resilience on it.


  1. Cloak of Ancient Wisdom (346), Revered with the Earthen Ring. Stats: crit, haste


  1. Robes of Embalmed Darkness (346), 2200 Justice points. Stats of note: haste, mastery
  2. Robes of Orsis (346), Revered with the Ramkahen. Stats of note: hit, crit
  3. Overly Intelligent Robes (333), Skullcrusher the Mountain quest in the Twilight Highlands. Stats of note: haste, mastery
  4. Fireweave Robe (339), Tailoring. Stats of note: haste. This is a PvP piece and loses itemization points to resilience.


  1. Armbands of Exiled Architects (346), Heroic Deadmines. Stats: crit, mastery
  2. Sand Silk Wristband (346), Heroic Lost City of the Tor’Vir. Stats: hit, crit
  3. True Archaeologist’s Bracers (333), Doing it the Hard Way quest in the Halls of Origination instance. Stats of note: hit, haste
  4. Fireweave Bracers (339), Tailoring. Stats of note: mastery. This piece has resilience on it, so the PvE pieces are better.


  1. Flamebloom Gloves (359), Exalted with the Earthen Ring. Stats of note: haste, mastery
  2. Gloves of the Painless Midnight (346), 1650 Justice points. Stats of note: haste, mastery
  3. Gloves of Aetherial Rumors (333), Honored with the Wildhammer Clan. Stats of note: hit, mastery
  4. Fireweave Gloves (339), Tailoring. Stats of note: mastery. This is a PvP piece with resilience


  1. Dreamless Belt (359), Tailoring. Stats of note: hit, mastery
  2. Incense Infused Cumberbund (346). 1650 Justice points. Stats of note: crit, mastery
  3. Cord of Raven Queen (359), Exalted with Guardians of Hyjal. Stats of note: mastery, spirit. Because of the spirit is this a slightly sub-optimal piece.
  4. Truth-Seeker Belt (333), A Villain Unmasked quest in Stomwind. Stats of note: crit, mastery
  5. Triple-Loop Belt (333), BoE. Stats of note: crit, haste


  1. Breeches of Mended Nightmares (359), Tailoring. Stats of note: crit, haste
  2. Flame-Ascended Pantaloons (359), Tailoring. Stats of note: crit, mastery
  3. Pensive Legwraps (346), 2200 Justice points. Stats of note: crit, haste
  4. Narkall’s Leggings (333), Narkrall, The Drake-Tamer quest in the Twilight Highlands. Stats of note: crit, mastery
  5. Leggings of Promise (325), Harrison Jones and the Temple of Uldum quest. Stats of note: crit, spirit. Slightly sub-optimal because of the spirit.
  6. Emberfire Pants (339), Tailoring. Stats of note: mastery. A PvP piece.
  7. Fireweave Pants (339), Tailoring. Stats of note: haste. A PvP piece.


  1. Desert Walker Sandals (359), Exalted with the Ramkahen. Stats: hit, haste
  2. Sandals of the Courier (333), Kill the Courier quest in Grim Batol. Stats of note: hit, crit
  3. Golgarok’s Tenderized Treads (333), BoE, Stats: crit, haste
  4. Emberfire Boots (339), Tailoring. Stats of note: haste, resilience
  5. Fireweave Boots (339), Tailoring. Stats of note: mastery, resilience


  1. Ring of the Boy Emperor (359), Archaeology. Stats: haste, mastery
  2. Ring of Warring Elements (346), Jewelcrafting. Stats: crit, mastery
  3. Band of Singing Grass (346), Revered with the Wildhammer Clan. Stats: hit, mastery
  4. Diamant’s Ring of Temperance (346), Revered with Therazane. Stats: crit, haste
  5. Red Dragonheart Ring (333), Battle of Life and Death in Twilight Highlands. Stats: crit, mastery
  6. Eye of the Stars(325), Do the Honors in Uldum. Stats: haste, spirit


  1. Staff of Sorcerer-Thane Thaurissan (359), Archaeology. Stats: crit, haste
  2. Insidious Staff (346), Revered with Baradin’s Wardins. Stats: haste, mastery
  3. Very Manly Staff (333), The Crucible of Carnage: The Twilight Terror! in Twilight Highlands. Stats: haste, mastery
  4. Elementium Spellblade (346), Blacksmithing. Stats: hit, crit

Off hand

  1. Hermit’s Lamp (346), 950 Justice points. Stats: hit, haste
  2. Dungeoneering Guide (346), Inscription. Stats: hit, mastery
  3. Skyflight Beacon (333). Doing It Like a Dunwald quest in Twilight Highlands. Stats: haste, mastery
  4. Book of Origination (333), BoE. Stats: haste, mastery


  1. Cyu’s Ornate Wand (316), BoE. Stats: hit, mastery
  2. Harrison’s Climbing Hook (312), Fortune and Glory quest in Uldum. Stats: hit, mastery
  3. Beach-Sweeper Wand (318), Landgrab quest in Twilight Highlands. Stats: haste, mastery
  4. Darklight Torch (318), Portal Overload quest in Twilight Highlands. Stats: hit, crit


  1. Darkmoon Card: Volcano (359), BoE. Stats: Mastery and has a proc that does fire damage and increases Intellect by 1600 for 12 seconds.
  2. Stump of Time (359), Exalted with Baradin’s Wardens. Stats: Hit rating with a spellpower proc effect.
  3. Mirror of Broken Images (359), Exalted with Baradin’s Wardens. Stats: Mastery with a resistance on-use effect.
  4. Anhuur’s Hymnal (346), Heroic Halls of Originiation. Stats: Hit rating and a spellpower proc
  5. Tendrils of Burrowing Dark (346), Heroic Stonecore. Stats: Mastery and a spellpower proc
  6. Sorrowsong (346), Heroic Lost City of the Tol’vir. Stats: Mastery and a spellpower proc on low health targets.
  7. Baradin Footman’s Tags (333), Honored with Baradin’s Wardens. Stats: Mastery and summons a minion with an on-use effect.

Faction reputations

For each faction I’ll present the gear provided in the list above, and the level of reputation required to gain it. Comments on whether those items are worthwhile may be in some sections.

1 – Earthen Ring

Honored – helm, neck
Revered – cloak
Exalted – gloves

This faction should be the top priority for a mage. Getting a helm with a meta socket and hit rating is excellent, and the cloak is really good too. All other reputation reward cloaks have spirit on them.

2 – Ramkahen

Revered – chest
Exalted – feet

Both the items awarded by the Ramkahen have hit rating on them. Since it will not be trivial to get to the hit cap these will be a priority. Combined with the helm from the Earthen Ring this will be a total of 499 hit rating. Given that the hit cap for heroics is 615 rating and 1742 for raids (source) these three items make up a huge chunk of the required hit rating.

3 – Baradin’s Wardens

Honored – trinket
Revered – weapon
Exalted – trinket

This PvP faction has some great trinkets and a good weapon. Since this faction mostly requires daily quests to gain reputation it should always be a priority anyway. If you are struggling for hit rating the Elementium Spellblade made by blacksmiths will be a better weapon option.

4 – Wildhammer Clan

Honored – gloves, ring
Exalted – neck

The gloves from the Wildhammer clan will be replaced by the Earthen Ring gloves, so this is not a priority. However, the neck-piece is excellent. It is equivalent to raid drops and is a good investment of your time.

5 – Guardians of Hyjal

Exalted – waist (has Spirit though)

Since there is really only one item here that is useful, and it is not optimal, this reputation is not a priority.
Unfortunately the optimal helm enchant is offered by the Guardians of Hyjal, so it will be necessary to build this reputation up at some point.

6 – Therazane

Revered – ring

This faction has shoulder enchants that will be required at some point. It’s definitely not a high priority faction for mages though.

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17 Responses to A cataclysm mage gear list

  1. Eric says:

    Mages can’t use relics. Otherwise, great list and I appreciate your taking the time to map out the faction so I can prioritize my grinds. Thanks for the research!

  2. Antony says:

    Hi Eric, I’m glad you like it. I looked for wands but couldn’t find any at the time, added the relics and then forgot to remove them…I need to proofread more 🙂

  3. Dave says:

    Signet of the Elder Council is an agi ring. Don’t think any mages will be getting it. Other than that thanks for compiling this bro.

  4. Antony says:

    Hi Dave, indeed that ring is the wrong one. Looks like cut and paste issues 😦 Thanks for the pickup, I’ve removed it from the article.

  5. David says:

    Excellent list. Thanks for putting it together, very helpful

  6. Jessalinda says:

    Very helpful. Thanks so much! 🙂

  7. Devon says:

    Thanks for putting this together! It’s been very helpful to me.

    A correction: the ring from the Wildhammer Clan requires Revered, not Honored.

  8. Siklone says:

    Thank you for the research.. I did however get exalted with the Ramkahen first because the need for new feet were more pressing than rings. at the time I had 2 346 ring I got from some heroics. my gear at the moment is acceptable I suppose. ilevel 349. You could armory Tollers on Korgath and tell me what you think. On the matter of gems. Currently i have the +58 int. and 3% more mana as my meta because the Crit meta requires that i have more blue gems than any other, as a mage, that would be a dps loss. do you recommend any other meta’s that would work? and also, for yellow sockets i have +20 int +20 crit gemmed. so far from my tests, thats the best gem to use for a Fire mage. ^.^V

    • Antony says:

      Hi Siklone,

      4.06 provided new meta gems and changed the requirements of the +crit damage metas back to be red sockets. Changing your meta will now be a large dps increase. Use the Burning Shadowspirit Diamond if you can find one.
      Whether you gem +20 int/+20 crit or +20 int/+20 haste doesn’t really matter too much, once you hit the haste breakpoint.

      I also think you need more haste. There is a haste breakpoint that will give you an extra tick of living bomb, which is 516 haste rating. There are details here: http://elitistjerks.com/f75/t110326-cataclysm_fire_mage_compendium/.

      You are missing enchants, so putting some inexpensive enchants on all your gear will make a big difference to your dps as well. Most of the second-best in slot enchants can be picked up for less than 50 gold each.

      Finally, if you are raiding, you are well short of the hit cap. Getting rid of the pvp gear and replacing it with +hit gear will probably be your best bet here since you need 6% more hit rating (based on when I looked at your armory profile). If you are not raiding then you should ignore this comment 🙂

      Overall your gear looks pretty good, you should be smashing heroics in that set!

  9. Jay says:

    Take Ring off of The Earthen Ring Exalted faction. I did it and there is no ring. -_- Thanks for the bad information.

  10. Kemps says:

    All of the quests you list are Alliance only (according to Wowhead). What horde quests would be good for gearing up for heroics?

    • Antony says:

      Most of the quests are alliance only, a few are shared. The way to find the horde quests is to go to the item link in wowhead. There is a “see also” tab that will show the horde equivalent weapon and the quest it comes from. There will be an icon in the “side” column for the items that are horde specific.

      For example, the equivalent for Beach-Sweeper Wand is Shackle-Shatter Wand.

  11. Drfire says:

    rly awesome review i appriciate the effort

  12. Michael says:

    Its rare that I run across quality Mage-centric information, like this. Well Done, Sir! THis is now my roadmap for gearing up

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