Empty your bags!

As the Wrath of the Lich King expansion comes to a close I found myself with bags and a bank full of random stuff that I’d been hoarding. I had masses of abyss crystals, herbs, eternals, cloth, green gems, uncut epic gems and other stuff that I had been keeping “just in case”. Even my alts have banks full of all sorts of random stuff that could be of value to someone else.

I decided that I should sell it all. Most of these items won’t be worth much after the expansion. However, I didn’t want to spend hours logged into the game running backwards and forwards to the auction house, so I tried out the online auction house.

While it is an extra $3 for a month (automatically renewing, watch out for that!) I found it to be great. I swapped between characters, selling off all their trade goods that had been hoarded. At the moment trade goods of all kinds are selling well because people are leveling professions ready for the expansion. I made thousands of gold from this, without even realizing that I had items of that much value!

Looking at sites like The Undermine Journal can help with price setting on your realm. I used this for enchants and a few other expensive items, but for most items just slightly undercutting does the trick. I’d recommend not listing your auctions too early in the day on Nagrand since a lot of the auction house listing happens in the late afternoons (server time).

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